May 28, 2015 admin

EULOGY: Michael Dunn

by Michael Dunn

Age 58. Harrison, ME

Mike tried to live a life of little consequence. He did not hit the center of the bull’s eye. Close, but no cigar. His particular assemblage of stardust did not carry a belief in God or purpose. Despite this, he largely conformed to his cultural norms of job, marriage, children, house, old age and what Elon Musk called “RUD” (rapid, unplanned disassembly.) He did his level best to do well by his wife and children and to hold on to at least a few close friends. He wrote to David Brooks and Charles Blow.

My Reflections

I don’t live for a resume or a eulogy. I reflect on life often and on my death on occasion. The process of writing my eulogy, silly though it may be, really is a strong reflection of my attitude about life: we are lucky to be self-reflective! Not bad for stardust, huh?


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