May 8, 2015 admin

HERO: Four Pivotal Women

by Sue Adams

Age 52. Kansas City, MO

These four women had the profound effect of making and forming my personhood. 

Amy Thompson was my good college friend who was killed by a man when she was 26 who tried to steal her car. She lived three years physically incapacitated but mentally and spiritually alive as no one I have ever known. She exhibited profound courage and forgiveness and witness to Spirit.

My chum Naomi was the housekeeper to my grandparents for fifty years in Wellington Kansas. She saw me really saw me when I felt completely invisible to everyone else in my immediate family. She exemplified unconditional love and hope to me.

Mrs Carper was a family friend who I traveled with as a young woman. She was a spiritual guide to me and also connected with me in a profound way, making me feel much smarter and important and loved than I ever could have been.

Mrs Cornelius was the mother of my best friend from age two to thirteen. She raised me with love and fun and conversation. I couldn’t get enough of her when I was little.

These four extraordinary gals were my touchstones during my formative years and I still try to make them proud of me.

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