June 5, 2015 admin

HERO: My Husband, Tom

by Neal Biggart

Age 72. El Cajon, CA

Tom, my husband of almost 50 years, is the kindest, but also the strongest person I know.  He could be anything, but chose to be an elementary school teacher at a time when a man who went into elementary teaching was thought of as probably not able to do much else.  How wrong!! He worked in the ghetto, and provided a strong role model to lots of boys without Dads.  We celebrated over the years as they went on to High School and College.  His other passion is plants. He is a well-known landscape gardener, an orchid grower, and ceramic potter.  He doesn’t seem to need approval to fulfill his needs and passions.  I admire him, and maybe more importantly, I rely on his strength and judgement.

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