July 18, 2015 admin

PURPOSE: For Husband and Son

by Joan Hansen

Age 63. Losa Angeles, CA

My life fell apart when my athletic and loving husband hit a guard rail coming down a mountain in the French Alps on his bicycle 3 years ago.  He survived but is now a quadriplegic. All of our dreams of the third part of our life disappeared on that mountain in France. Then my youngest son dropped out of college, and is hiding in his bedroom at home trying to find himself.

My purpose?

To get over my own hurting and grief and help them. I am the one who is not damaged, except for my great sadness. I can go to work, work out, and leave my room each day. My husband and son are not so lucky. My purpose is to put them in front of my own pain. It is a struggle, but then many purposes in life are.

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