June 11, 2015 admin


by Lyle Nelson

Age 80. St. Paul, MI

In response to your complicated question “do you think you have found the purpose to your life” I must qualify my answer by saying my purpose in life has changed as I’ve progressed through the aging process.  I’m currently 80 years old with a life expectancy of 8.8 years.

At this time my purpose in life is to:

1.  Make preparation for death in an orderly and logical manner in all areas.

2.  Help my children(3) and grandchildren (4) to meet the vicissitudes of life.

3.  Help my 125 year old inner city church survive for the immediate future.

4.  Participate in politics at all levels in a relaxed manner.

5.  Write letters to the editor to comment on whatever issue that gets my attention.

6.  Maintain a small garden to experience the miracle of growing things.

7.  Eat breakfast periodically at the Salvation Army with 200 homeless people to get an understanding of basic survival.

8.  Practice philanthropy in the broadest sense.

I found my purpose in life by living day to day.

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