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PURPOSE: Rabbi Turned Stand-Up Comedian

by Rabbi Bob Alper

Age 70. Vermont

I live to make people laugh. Last weekend: synagogue shows in Phoenix and Tucson, comedy clubs in NYC and Scottsdale, and just as important, flight attendants and gate agents.

I’m a rabbi turned full-time stand-up comic

I’m a rabbi turned full-time stand-up comic (heard on Sirius/XM, etc.) The weekend before, performed with my Muslim and Christian friends at colleges in PA and AR, bringing together people from very different backgrounds, helping them laugh together.  And the week before that, I performed for a black Muslim convention in DC, with my close friend, Palestinian Mo Amer (on the right in the photo) and May May Ali, Mohammed Ali’s daughter.  I’m the very white guy on the left.

I consider myself blessed with a special ability to enhance others’ lives through laughter.  The title of my latest book says it all:
“Thanks. I Needed That.”  I checked into a hotel late one night, said some funny things, to which the desk clerk responded, “I’ve had a really rough day.  Thanks.  I Needed That.” 

My life is filled with amazingly gratifying moments like that

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