May 14, 2015 admin


by Henry Robinson

Age 52. Summerville, SC

For years and years I thought my purpose in life was to earn degrees, find rewarding work, make money, raise a family and live the American dream. If my home were larger and my vacations better than my father before me or my neighbors next to me, then I would be successful; I would have arrived.  And I did that. I did arrive. I did have more stuff, great kids, faster cars, more bathrooms with expensive fixtures and more money in the bank.  Yet that arrival of sorts left me feeling empty. If I had indeed arrived, I did not only not enjoy the journey, but I found that I didn’t like the destination either.

Then something happened.  I lost a lot of the money, I got divorced and I had what one might call “a dark night of the soul.” In the midst of great repair and depression, I found an opening and I crawled through. It led to a path and without knowing what I was signing up for and where this path would take me, I started off on a new journey. This journey was called “truth” and I have been on this journey for six years now.  It is not without bumps and tears and hard times, but it has purpose.  The purpose is simply to find out what is real and what is false.  America is asleep, lulled into a dream for a lucky few with means and a nightmare for the masses. The dream brought on by overblown egos, shrewd marketers, and unscrupulous corporations has us believing that more is better, that growth is always good and more importantly that we are all separate individuals competing for the crumbs disguised as gold nuggets that we believe will bring us happiness.

My purpose now is simply to wake up, remove the veil and see what is real. In doing so, the ego subsides and spirit emerges. Disunity gives way to unity. Dreams give way to reality and my secondary purpose, also known as my work, will reveal itself.  The ego cannot be the catalyst for real purpose.  Yes, it may allow you to build skyscrapers and create fabulous iPhone apps, but real purpose is sourced from Spirit.


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