A POEM: Coup de Grace

A Poem: Coup de Grace

by Fernando Valdivia

Our soul’s advancement isn’t guaranteed
by bloodline, ancestry or wealth.
Nor is it sped by diplomas or degrees.
Its progress isn’t hastened nor yet helped
by patronage or influential chaperones.
It must improve itself alone.

And yet like any worthy introspection,
the effort needn’t isolate us quite
from all others striving toward perfection.
For like ourselves whose spirits seek to reunite,
fellow pilgrims find assistance in alliance,
and love urges us to seek companions.

But whether striving partnered or alone,
the heartfelt eulogies and epitaphs that praise
those of us whose names are chiseled on the stones
are not the resumes by which souls are appraised.
What’s false is purged away and only truth remains.
        And what becomes through Grace was foreordained.

                                —Fernando Valdivia