September 25, 2015 admin

High School Students in English 9: Part II

by Liza Cowan

Atlanta, GA

… I cannot imagine how many inbounds you and the RTC team receive daily, but I couldn’t resist adding to my initial note because I had a boy from this class come in to school this morning full of “Character” talk:
 “Ms. Cowan Ms. Cowan I had SUCH a Humility Shift this weekend. I was playing in this golf tournament and losing and really stressed out and it was the weirdest thing, I hit the ball and kind of lost it in the air — which is not normal for me — and instead I just started looking at this cloud and suddenly I had this realization that there are a lot more important things to me than this golf tournament. And that the world is just a lot bigger than I am. And that everything will go on even if I don’t do well. But then, weirdly, this epiphany made me relax and start playing better. That sounds weird but do you get it?”
Although this might be more Humbling Instant than Humility Shift, it made me smile and I thought you might also enjoy knowing that a sixteen year old boy was thinking about his Moral Bucket List unprompted at 8am on a Monday morning.
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